Monday, June 17, 2013

Q. "Don't those kids ever go to class?"

A. No.

Just no. Because today was the last day we had to visit any museums, monuments, malls, trees, benches, towers, etc and EVERY DAMN SCHOOL KID IN POLAND DECIDED THEY WANTED TO GO TO THE ONE AND ONLY MUSEUM WE HAVEN'T SEEN IN WARSAW AND TAKE OVER THE PLACE

We've seriously had this problem EVERYWHERE we've gone. And I know, it doesn't sound like much of a problem but -- Pops and I were talking about this earlier -- kids here are a little different. It's not that they're not kind because I have met many people my age here that were nice but... IT'S LIKE YOU'RE READING AN INFORMATIONAL BOARD IN A MUSEUM AND THEY JUST DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE THERE AND THEY SWARM YOU UNTIL YOU GET SO NERVOUS THAT YOU RUN AWAY.

I did that.

A bunch of girls swarmed me and I freaked out.

Sooo, while the people here are awesome and such -- don't come to Poland during their school year. I asked one of the kids I made friends with on a bus how long their school year went for. You have a window of early July to late August where you PROBABLY won't run into 5 million school kids.

I've probably seen/met every school kid in Poland.

The thing is -- I took a few pictures today of the museum but not many so I decided not to put them up because everything is packed so wonderfully and I don't want to take my camera out. ;)

I'll have a few pictures tomorrow of my journey back as well.

The museum we went to today was called the Warsaw Uprising Museum, there's a movie-thingy that you can pay for (of course, it's optional) if you'd like to see actual footage of what Warsaw looked like from a plane's view after Warsaw was destroyed. I only recommend it (it's only a few minutes long) because I didn't realize until AFTER the movie that it was actual footage. I thought it was just some computerized movie of what it probably looked like. BUT NO it was actual footage and it was pretty interesting SO if you're going to Poland ever, you should go see it. It's quite interesting to learn about when you see how far Warsaw has come.

Here are a couple pictures of what Warsaw looked like after it was destroyed 70 years ago:

And in one of my other blog posts, I have pictures of what it looks like now. The first picture is of Old Town.

Tomorrow we get up at around 7:30 am (1:30 your time) and fly to Helsinki and then to NY. We get into NY around 4:30 pm and then we get home around 9:30.

Tomorrow will also be my last blog post. :(


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  1. Jessica we'll miss your life on the blog, you were great and kept us on our toes.If this is the start of your life,you'll have a great one love you grampa rup