Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q. "Where is the Chopin statue?"

A. Right around the corner. Oh, you walked throughout the entire park looking for it? That's because it's right next to the entrance,  You're stupid.

BUT while looking for the Chopin statue to take pictures of/with for our dear friend Barb, we ran into a peacock!

Oh, and we DID see the Chopin statue.

Today we woke up early in the lovely and so very comfortable Marriott Hotel and made our way to Warsaw's Old Town. So here is a little bit of history on Warsaw if you're not familiar with it: In late 1944, early 1945, Old Town was completely destroyed. It was a combination of the war and the uprising. The reconstruction process started around 1947. So unfortunately, Old Town isn't very old and almost nothing in Warsaw is "original" except for expensive belongings and paintings from churches and the palace.

So we walked around Old Town for awhile and visited the reconstructed palace.



 Thaddeus Kosciuszko's heart is in that box.

Look, it's my throne.

After we left the palace, we ate at a place called BrowArmia and decided to go back to being American for a day and give pierogi's and kielbasa a break.

We visited this little antique shop and it had the COOOOOOLEST stuff. It had old documents and newspapers and oh my God, I wish I could have been there for hours but we just didn't have time.

I also wanted to show you how uncreative people are here with graffiti.

And one laaaaast thing before I go to bed and sleep for forever:

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  1. Hi Jess,
    Old Town Looks pretty old to me even if is just a little older than me. The castle looks very interesting, and you even found your last name how cool. So you had your fill of pirogi and kielbasa. My mother and I will be making some pirogi on Monday. Your grandfathers beer looks good.
    Love Grandma Ruperti