Friday, June 14, 2013

Q. "How much will this taxi ride be?"

A. Three dollars.

What? Three dollars? From our hotel to the train station? Are you on some type of drug? I mean, you smell a little funny. Should I argue? Oh, okay. I'll shut up.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. We woke up, checked out of our hotel and said our last goodbyes to Krakow, which I loved with all my heart. After, we took a 3 dollar taxi cab to the train station and set off for a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Warsaw. We got in around 6, ate dinner, and now we're here.

Since I didn't have time to take many pictures and I didn't do much today, I thought I'd blog about the strange things that come into my mind or things I come across or just things... while I've been here.

1) Since we don't live here, we don't know the cost of living. Since we don't drive, we don't know how much gas money adds up, really. But what we do know is that smaller things are realllllly inexpensive. For example, I paid less than 10 dollars for two hand crafted wooden boxes. We bought an enormous margarita pizza for only around 4 dollars. And obviously, we got a cab and paid 10zl which is only about 3 dollars in American money. LIKE WHAAAAAT

2) You know how American restaurants, they give you your bill once you've gotten your food so you can pay and yada yada yada. Well, here, it's almost like they forget about you and hosts/hostesses don't exist. In Prague, we waited FOREVER for our check before we realized that we had to ask for our check. They don't just give it to you when THEY feel like, they give it to you when you're ready. But only if you're lucky enough for them to come by. They don't pester but they almost forget you're there.

3) Now, I know that at some places, you used to have to pay to use the potties in America but NOT ANYMORE AND I'M TIRED OF PAYING 60 CENTS TO PEE

4) If you only know how to say "Thank you" and "Hello", don't even bother using it. Don't greet anyone with "dzien dobry" (Hello) if that's all you know because then they think you know Polish and they'll spew lots and lots of Polish words at you and then you have to tell them you don't understand and then everyone is confused and you just look like a weirdo.

5) There's a shoe store at every corner.

6) Why are there buttons to flush the toilet? And why are there two of them? Which button do I push? Why is this so hard?

7) Those are not light switches. What happened to normal lights witches?

8) Why must everything be in a glass bottle?


10) This washing machine right next to the toilet really puts a damper on things. I mean I have to pretty much lean on the washing machine in order to pee.

11) Who builds these malls? Are they building it so every person in Europe can fit into it? What's happening here? I'm lost.

12) No, I do not want duck.

13) "You're American?" "No."

14) Polish boys act like they've never seen an American girl before. Well, THOSE Polish boys did.

15) If you're nice enough, you get away with things better. Oh, you think I'm talking about drinking? No, I was nice to the driver of a horse and buggy and she let me touch her horse. It was awesome.

16) Birds.


18) Why is it getting light outside? It's 3:30am.

19) What in the hell is that? Who eats a baguette with onions, garlic, mushrooms, cheese and ketchup? It has a NAME? Oh, do tell. Zapiekanki...

20) Of course I'll give you money, homeless man. Have all my money.

21) Don't tell a waiter that doesn't speak your language what you DON'T want on your sandwich/burger. Just don't.

22) Okay, okay, okay, okay. So you're telling me that a W makes a V sound and an L with a slash through it makes a W sound and cz makes a CH sound? WHAT

23) Hi. I'm going to force you to talk to me because I'm American and I love making new friends and you look like you hate me because I'm loud. Am I loud? Am I annoying to you? Would you like me to go away? No.


25) Well, it's been an adventure. Only a few more days left in the ever entertaining Poland.


  1. Hi Jess,
    I see that you are learning alittle polish. Dzien droby. I'll talk to you in polish when you come back to the USA. How is your grandfather enjoying poland and is he learning some Polish? I'm glad that you are enjoying your trip. Enjoy every minute. I bet the polish boys are going ga ga over you. If you get a chance try to go to the salt mines. Your pictures are great and you have a wonderful writing style. I tried to write you earlier but I kept looseing what ever I wrote until grandpa Ruperti spoke with you mother and she said to comment as anonymous. Don't talk to any gypies. I'll write more later. (Good-by) or Chow.
    Love Grandma Ruperti

  2. Hello there,
    I'm barely learning Polish. It's a pretty hard language. You should definitely teach me a little more! Papa is enjoying it very much. He knows very little Polish and he's able to get by with that so no, he hasn't learned much. I've run into quite a few Polish boys and they're very intrigued with American girls, I can tell you that! I wasn't able to see the salt mines, unfortunately. And thank you! I tried making things a little more personal. I haven't talked to any gypsies, don't worry.

    Love you lots.

  3. Ok. This post made me laugh. A lot. I miss you! - Mom