Monday, June 10, 2013

Q. "Where is the Charles Bridge?"

A. Everywhere. Here are three videos of Papa and I arguing about where the Charles Bridge is.



So, yesterday was our last day in Prague. We visited the Astronomical Clock and Old Town and then it rained and then well, Prague wasn't so fun anymore. But here is a video of a really cool lawn mower.

Back on track: The Charles Bridge was still closed because of high waters and lots of rain. We went to the bridge that runs parallel to it and took a bunch of pictures. People kept telling us that this will be the only time we will ever see the Charles Bridge this was because it's almost never ever ever this empty.

After seeing the bridge we went into Old Town where 1) I kept giving my money to homeless men because instead of outright begging, they'd kneel and lay their heads to the ground and hold out their hands in front of them and I JUST HAD TO GIVE THEM ALL MY MONEY. And 2) I wanted to take pictures with all of the people pretending to be statues.

And we also went into a souvenir shop where they sold Prague condoms...and sexual cubes...

Old Town was very pretty and one of the main reasons we went was for the Astronomical Clock. While we were waiting for the Astronomical Clock to do the ding ding ding! we met some really nice Australians at a restaurant under the clock.

After we ate, we took an elevator up to the top of the clock. It was a very very long way down so I filmed how it was up there. Also, you have to see this 6 person (I think it was 6) bike that these guys were riding. The beginning of the video is pointless. We're talking about US presidents.


This was the elevator and there was a ramp to get down from the clock. Once we left Old Town, we headed for the Mall. Because I love the mall. SO WHY NOT?

The coolest part of the mall was the food court and THEY HAD A MONGOLION BBQ IN THEIR MALL. For some reason in this video, I started zooming in a whole bunch toward the end. Not sure why.

So at this food court there is a McDonalds, like I said in the video. And at this McDonalds, they sell alcohol. Which is pretty much what this sign says.

So you know how in America when we buy something from McDonalds like a milkshake or coffee or a desert, it says McCafe on it but there isn't an actual cafe? Well, that's because there IS a cafe! JUST NOT IN AMERICA. I found the McCafe.

I also wanted to point out, that TO ME, my voice sounds like a small child over a sound recording. I don't think I actually sound like that...

After the mall, we started walking back to our hotel. It started to rain (I have a video of us trying to get back when we were caught in the rain but it's really long and it's mostly just me complaining about everything) and we stayed at a restaurant awhile and ate some yummy foods then headed back to our hotel to wait for a cab to go to the train station.


We get to the train station 2 hours early (you know, to eat and find our platform and all that other stuff) but find out that they don't announce the platform until 20 minutes prior to departure. So we waited for what felt like forever. On the floor. In the middle of the train station. Here is me complaining.

LOL look at my frozen face.

Finally our train came and the platform was announced so Papa and I just followed the crowd onto the platform. Our train pulled into the station and our car was 356. Everyone had already boarded except for me, Pops, four Australians, a couple from Connecticut, a group of guys on a Study Abroad thingy, and 3 college kids from Singapore all running up and down the platform because we couldn't find our number. The cars weren't in much of an order.

Then this Buddhist monk came out of freaking no where and told us to go to the last car because that was 356 and then one of THE ACTUAL EMPLOYEES  was like "No! You're the first car!" So then all of us hauled butt and finally got up there. The cabins were extremely small but we made friends with everyone around us.

This guy

was weird.

And these are the Study Abroad boys from Michigan. They're waving. It's just a far away picture. The train ride was about 8 hours long. We barely got any sleep.

 So we left Prague and woke up in Krakow, Poland.

It rained all day today so hopefully I'll have lots of pictures and fun things to share once tomorrow comes.


  1. Hi Jess. Testing out the comment setting. :)- Mom

  2. hey jessica testing testing 123 hey stay away from condom tables just joking love you grampa rup

  3. Hi Jess, Just to let you know we did check your blog. Hope your trip is going well. We are in Switzerland now for a week then back home. Say Hi to Joe.
    The Prague Aussies