Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q. "How high can a bird fly?"

A. I don't know. But birds are the devil. I mean, they're the only animals that poop white. So they're obviously spawns of the devil at the very least. Here are some pictures of a whole group of ruthless and disgusting creatures creeping up on a little girl.

I hate birds.

So today was our last full day in Krakow. We went to a cathedral (I forgot the name of it. We've gone to so many) and took a whole bunch of pictures but left quickly because tour groups were taking over the world.

The coolest thing about this cathedral was all of the artwork and carvings are painted wood. Once we left the cathedral, we went to an underground museum that I didn't enjoy as much because it was like information overload so this is the only picture I got which doesn't really have anything to do with anything. It's Medieval Poland!

We decided to eat lunch at a cafe on the top of the Cloth Hall. And my apologies, I believe I may have called it the Cloth Shop previously.

In 1241, the Tatars invaded Poland and came to Krakow. A bugler was up in the clock tower and saw the Tatars and to warn the city, he started to blow the bugle. He only was able to get halfway through the song he was playing before a Tatar shot him through the throat so he was never able to finish the song. So tradition was that there was always someone in the clock tower to blow the bugle every hour. The song is only played halfway through (Or at the place the original bugler stopped) in remembrance. The buglers now are 12 firemen that switch off days and go to the top and do the song every hour for 24 hours.

Here is the inside of the Cloth Hall.

Later in the day, we just ate at Poland's Hard Rock Cafe and explored through the night. Not as eventful as other days have been but relaxing and fun nonetheless.

Next stop: Warsaw!

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  1. Cool story about the bugler. It amazes me that they have kept up such a tradition. I love the night pictures too. :) - Mom