Saturday, June 8, 2013

Q. "Stale or sparkling water?"

A. Water, no gaz, please.

And if I didn't specify what kind of water I wanted, I'd get "water with gaz (gas)" or in other terms... sparkling water. Which I thought was interesting. And, almost every drink comes in a glass bottle which I've been taking because I think they'll make cool vases.

So today we woke up around 9:30 and had a super awesome, (and somewhat healthy) humongous breakfast FOR FREE at the restaurant connected to our hotel.

After breakfast, we took a tram to get to St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle. When the tram reached our stop, we got off and had to weave through some pretty gardens to get to the cathedral and castle.

And this was the view of the cathedral and castle from the gardens.

So, once we walked through the path and through the gates and bought our tickets, we were free to roam around and go where ever. We headed toward the cathedral after we took pictures of literally everything. I even took a picture of an ant.

St. Vitus Cathedral was huge and beautiful. We used audio recordings to learn more about some of the tombs and doors and stain glass windows since most of the signs were in Czech but I really don't remember a whole lot of the things I learned. My apologies. :( Here are a few pictures of the outside and inside interior and a few things inside that were interesting.

If you're not on Facebook and would like to see more pictures of the cathedral, you can email me at

One of the cool things about the cathedral was that the gargoyles were used as gutters in a way.

This picture isn't one of the gargoyles I was talking about because I was told that fact after we had left. But the gargoyles would kind of hang over the walls like this one here and they would be in the shape of a monster of some sort or an animal and they would have their mouths open. When there was enough water, the water would "drain" out of these gargoyles and shoot out of their mouths.

The areas around the cathedral and castle had attractions as well. There was a place that displayed armor for knights and in that place, I shot a cross bow three times and missed all three...

 This armor piece was for fat knights. Teehee.

After the armor building, we went to Golden Lane which had a bunch of shops and I bought 4 million things. A few of the buildings were makeshift homes of what it would be like in certain eras. A few places were even replicas of prisons or work areas.

Once we left Golden Lane, we had to walk down like five hundred million steps and if you're curious and want to see a five minute video of how ADD and obnoxious Papa and I are, here is one now!

In the video, I made a comment about how EVERYONE GETS MARRIED HERE. Everyone gets married in Prague and I took a picture of all the brides I found today. 

After we ate at the Medieval bar, (Which I have pictures of but they won't upload) we visited another church, St. Nicolas church, very close to our hotel, and it was so cool inside that we decided to go to mass there tomorrow. Here's one picture.

Okay, so I think I made this blog post a little longer than I wanted. I'll try and blog tomorrow before we get on our overnight train. If not, I'll have lots and lots to post on Monday.

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