Friday, June 7, 2013

Q. "What's the eastern most state in the United States?"

A. Hawaii or maybe is it Alaska?

HAHAHA no. I'm not stupid but this was the question and answer between two American boys sitting behind me on the plane to Prague from Helsinki. The whole time I was thinking, "I hope the Finnish aren't listening to these guys because these boys are making us Americans SOME reputation."

Would you like to know about my flight?


Flight numero uno flew from Columbus to New York (JFK).

Columbus has a Jeni's vending machine.

I found a bird at JFK.

There was a kiddo running up and down the aisle and then would cry for a large portion of time and then stop and then run up and down the aisle once more. He was so cute but I wanted to punch his parents in the face... because I COULDN'T SLEEP OR LISTEN TO MUSIC OR ANYTHING BECAUSE ALL I COULD HEAR AND SEE WAS THIS CHILD.

Finally, we had arrived at JFK and the only thing interesting about that flight was that I found the Jersey Shore. 

Once we were all settled in at the JFK airport, we had about a two hour layover. Which meant, I have two hours to people watch. As I watched people fill in at the gate more and more, I realized that everyone was blonde. Every. Single. Person. Was. Blonde. And attractive. Finnish people are quite attractive.

So Papa and I looked so out of place it was almost a little funny. There was a Polish woman in front of us so at least Papa fit in a teensy bit more than I did. A very teensy bit more.

We got on the plane to Helsinki and it was about 5:30pm eastern time. There were screaming babies on this flight as well so sleep was a lost cause. I watched have of Les Miserables and like 25 minutes of The Great and Powerful Oz but decided to play sudoku and beat every game instead for the rest of the flight.

Here is a progression of what it looked like outside. When we were flying over Iceland, it never really got dark. So around 3 am our time, it still looked like the sun was trying to set.

Some of them look the same but all the pictures were taken at different times. So we've got a sunset and a sunrise all in one plane ride. The third picture after the sunset was what it was like from 11pm-5am...ish. It never really got dark so it kinda threw me for a loop.

After arriving in Helsinki, we had to go through Passport thingamaggigers and then we were on our way. Unfortunately, we had about 30 minutes until our plane boarded again so I thought... I'll just shop for weird things on the way back.

A small note to my momma: They didn't have Twilight in Finnish, I think the series is dying out here as well. But, I saw that they had the Hunger Games in Finnish!! Getting that on my way back.

They also had an Angry Birds soft drink. Finland really likes Angry Birds. So I'm gonna get that for my sister and see what it's like when I go back through the airport.

Now, I'm not familiar with types of cars or taxi's. But I do know the common types of cars and I do know what NYC taxi's are like and let me tell you, the taxi's in Prague are gorgeous. Weird? Well, they're a type of car I've never heard of before (Which seems to be extraordinarily popular here.) called Skoda. It was the prettiest taxi I've ever seen. The radio was in Czech but all the songs were in English. Once of the songs that the taxi driver had on sounded so stupid, I giggled most of the drive. The lyrics were "Maybe one day we can meet face to face. In a place where there is no time or space. Happy Birthday. Make a wish." I was like, WHAAAAAT? Because then there was rapping and it was just all bad.

ANYWAY, we arrived at our hotel. We're on the third floor with winding staircases that made Papa and I want to die once we got to the top and here are some pictures of what our hotel looks like sorta and what we're surrounded by.

 I'll blog more once I've seen more. ;)


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